Haiti Bound

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This year my local church (Friendship Baptist in Lincoln Park) is sending a group of 20 to Haiti with an organization called Poured Out (check them out here).  While my husband and I could not leave the country this year to go, we love being a part of a church that has worked hard together to send those that could.    It is hard to see so many that we know and love leave….wishing so badly that we could go this year too…. 

I asked my dear friend Jen Mathis to write something for us to describe this outreach.

Jen writes:

  About a year ago my husband Matt started the process of
planning an International mission trip for our church to take part in.  He decided that Poured-out.org was the
organization to work with, and the journey started.  

We found out that Poured Out works in Haiti installing BioSand filters, which
provide sanitary water.  In short 1/8
of the world’s population doesn’t have access to clean water.  Water based diseases are the cause of taking
the lives of 4,000 children daily across the globe.   Every since the January 2010 earthquake, the
Haitian people have gone without accessible, sanitary, and clean water.  Poured Out (and our) mission is to install
these filters in as many homes, community buildings, schools and churches as possible.

During the planning phase, members of our church (Friendship Baptist Church)
were asked whether they would want to go as part of the team to Haiti, pray for
the people going, or help send them financially.  Our little church of 250 members has gone
above and beyond that calling.  We are
going as a group of 20 to serve the Haitian people in Petit Goave, the church
along with other personal donations raised roughly $25,000 and we have prayed
personally and corporately for all aspects of this trip.  Just this past Sunday the group of 20 was
asked to come to the front of the church, then our pastor asked for the
congregation to come and pray with the members of the team.  What an emotional and spirit filled time it
was.  I don’t know if there was a dry eye
in the house, and I can say for sure that God is going before us as we leave on
Saturday August 24th.

As I drove home tonight and saw the most awesome blue-orange skyline, my first
thought was how fancy our God is.  Not
only did he create such a beautiful place for us to dwell, but also that same
sky that I marveled at tonight is the same sky the Haitian people look up at, and that kinda blows my mind.  We may be almost 2,000 miles apart, we may
live in very different homes from them, we may have different customs and cultures but we are loved by God, all the same. We are all beautiful beings who deserve the basic necessities to live.”


Jen, thank you for taking time in your crazy, leaving-the-country-for-a-week-schedule to write this for us.  Below are a few shots from our prayer time last week…we will continue to pray for you while you are working.


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